Sunday's Sermon: "Jesus Calms The Storms"

Church is still closed due to Covid 19, so we will do Sunday sermons online for the time being. I hope you enjoy our first sermon online “Jesus Calms The Storms.”

We seem to think that if we are Christians, we should have some type of exemption card, kind of like a DO NOT GO TO JAIL card in Monopoly. Bad things should not happen to us. And when they do, we’re shocked, wondering ‘how could this happen?’ I paid my insurance, I went to church, I gave my money, I helped and served, I’ve been kind to my neighbors. So . . . why, why is this happening to me? Isn’t God supposed to watch out for me? Doesn’t He protect those He loves?

Ah, yes, He is. It makes no sense at the moment — and maybe it will never make full sense . . . yet we are called to trust in Jesus all the time. To trust that His plan is the perfect plan. His plan is better than our plan.

Are you in a storm at this very moment? You’re not there by accident but by your Father’s design. He does not intend to hurt you even though you feel like screaming because your pain is so great. You’re not alone though it may feel that way. You may have lost everything, but you have not lost the Lord. He is still with you. He promises never to fail you or abandon you.

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