He Is Strong For You

I had to think hard what kind of message I wanted to send today. Of course I wanted my message to be uplifting and to give us hope during this time of crisis, but also a message so we can praise God and be thankful for the things he’s done in our life. After some thought and with the help of God, I realized that when I am down and out God is always strong for me. And if He is strong for me, He is strong for you. I know if you’re like me, sometimes we get distracted by what we consider to be a disadvantage or weaknesses in our lives. It may be something about our personality or looks that some people just don’t like. Or maybe we feel we’ve been through an unfair situation; a divorce, a bad work environment, maybe you’ve lost your jobs because of the Coronavirus, and maybe some of you have had just bad breaks in life.

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