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Christmas Eve Service 2021-The Greatest Gift Presents Or Presence

The times we are a living in have changed so much in the last couple of years. What was normal has become abnormal and what was not heard of has become the new normal. I don’t know about you; we certainly need Jesus and we need Him now more than ever!

During the time of Jesus’ birth and the time that He ministered to us on this earth mankind and the world was at unrest. He came when there was political unrest, social unrest, high taxes.

What had been normal to them was in their rear-view mirror. Does anyone tonight feel like what was comforting and normal now seems like it is in the rear-view mirror instead of out front of you?

Like in Jesus’ time we have passed it bye and everything in front of us are roads that we are not familiar with? Jesus understood that, he made provisions for that.

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